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Friday, June 02, 2006


IBM Thinkpad : DEV 001 : ERR 91 : FRU 3610

ThinkPad Problems - DEV 001 : ERR 91 : FRU 3610

I had the above problem - what fixed my problem was to replace the second battery on the Thinkpad.

There are two batteries on the Thinkpad -

1). The one everyone knows about is the big battery pack that is removable and rechargeable.

2). But there is also a small back-up battery that is found inside the computer. When this battery needs replacement, a number of errors show up. Some of the potential errors are as follows

Fan is not working (192)
Clock is not working (163)
System Board problem (161).

The solution is to remove the cover and replace the backup battery - either the entire battery pack or just the battery . Use the standard care to make sure there is no static electricity.

a) Take off the RAM expansion flap which is on the bottom of the laptop behind the CDRom drive. After removing flap, look for a two wire white connector. The battery pack is connected via this wire and is hidden under a small plastic flap in that area.

b) The Battery pack consists of the battery, the wires, and the frame. The entire battery pack can be purchased online for $15-$40. It is very easy to unplug the two wires and plug in the new one. See Laptop Batteries to see one variety.

c) If you take off the yellow tape found on the battery pack, you will find the actual battery. It can be replaced from Radio shack for $2-10. Replace the battery, solder if you wish (I did not), tape it all back up, plug in the 2 wire connector, and it should be fixed.

Different Thinkpads have the battery in different places. Here are more instructions:

Backup battery removal

Backup battery removel - movie

Good Luck!

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