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Friday, September 03, 2004


Business Continuity

Murphy's Law
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
O'Toole's Commentary
Murphy was an optimist.

If you are building and maintaining a website, something will go wrong. If your business depends on that website and you are not prepared; your business could suffer. Business continuity is the process that helps your business continue under adverse conditions.

We used to talk about problem management, emergency response, crisis management and disaster recovery as processes to deal with adverse conditions. But the process is really Business Continuity, how to continue your business under any adverse condition, whether your web hosting vendor gets hit by a hurricane, someone spills coffee on the keyboard, your computer gets a virus, trojan, or spyware, or some .htaccess research wipes out your data base.

There is a Business Continuity Institute, there are Certified Business Continuity Professionals and a mission statement: To promote the art and science of business continuity management.

Business Continuity is the set of processes that insures the business continues even though there are problems or adverse conditions. We all have pieces of the Business Continuity process in place. I am recommending each of us identify what pieces are in place, what pieces are not in place, and start to gradually fill in the blanks. As with each process, the idea is to define what is in place, and continuously improve the process. It is not frantically trying and put everything into place at one.

There are some recommended Business Continuity Steps. They go in a circle. As soon as you finish the last one you start back at one. It is a framework where you can hang the myriad of activities that we do in this area. Having a framework will often insure success.

1) Analyze your business and assess the risks.

Analyze whether the business could survive the following:
Assess the risks and determine the most glaring weakness.

2) Develop your strategy and your plan. There are two kinds of strategies.
3) Implement or Rehearse the plan.
Go back to the top.

It bears repeating that the idea is to identify the current process, and then start to continuously improve the process.

Your computer has important files and programs that would cause you to have a heart attack if they were ever lost. All of your clients and company information is stored in these networks.
How can u know all about these things
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