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Sunday, August 22, 2004


The PC as data center

Small Office / Home Office Computer Support

Does your business have at least one personal computer? Then you have a data center - also called a computer center.

And what is a data center?

Data centers are the buildings and rooms where big computers are located and operated. They are usually windowless, climate controlled, antiseptic places. There are computers, rows of peripheral devices, and raised floors with miles of wires running underneath the floor.

In a movie, if they show a data center, they usually show a spinning tape drive, because it is the only thing you can watch moving - and that is now obsolete because cartridges are used. Data centers are often multi-million dollar centers.

In many ways, one PC brings the same problems and opportunities as running a multi-million dollar data center.

What can you learn for your Small Office / Home Office business from those that have run multi-million dollar data centers?

This web log will capture some ideas about SOHO Computer Support.

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